AeroGCS GREEN Release Notes

AeroGCS GREEN – V1.6.14


Release Date: 27th Apr 2023
Version: v1.6.14

Newly Updated Features

• Terrain Mode:
The drone navigates an incline using its vision system.
Terrain Mode

• Video Streaming in MK 15 RC:
Enables the real-time sharing of the aerial footage taken by the drone to any authorized personnel with internet access.
Video Streaming

• Added battery failsafe Trigger:
Safeguarding the drone on a low and critical voltage of a battery.
battery failsafe

• Added Parameters in RPA Settings:
Enhanced parameters in RPA settings to control the flight.
  Added following parameters in RPA settings:

• Level Sensor Setting:
Set the level sensor to the desired input for better results.
Level Sensor

• Plan Splitting:
Split your larger plan into smaller plans to carry out the work within the shortest time by sharing it with team members for mapping.
Plan Splitting

• Added Circular Obstacle:
Add a circular obstacle for protecting the well-like structure on the field.

Bug Fixes

• Resolved obstacle overlapping and the obstacle boundary issue
boundary issue

• Selected Obstacle Delete/ Edit

• After takeoff avoid the path which passes through the obstacle

• Resolved the issue of Jerky takeoff

• If the tank is empty and flies, it performs RTL after take-off every time.

• Changes in UI of Aircraft Setting
Aircraft Setting

• Improved flow meter calibration