AeroGCS Global Competition – Exclusive gateway to innovation and endless possibilities. A platform to elevate skills, empower knowledge, and endorse a new era in drone operations with AeroGCS. The competition spaned fifteen days, featuring online challenges and a grand finale in Nashik. From mind-bending MCQ brain teasers to hands-on missions with AeroGCS GREEN and AeroGCS Enterprise. This competition was open worldwide for individuals aged 18 and above, from diverse backgrounds including drone professionals and drone enthusiasts.

Chief Guest & Special Guest

Hon. Dr. Sandip

(Founder & Chairman, Sandip University)

Hon. Prof. Dr.
Rajendra Sinha

(Vice Chancellor, Sandip University)

Hon. Prof. Pramod

(Academic Facilitator & OSD, Sandip University)

Hon. Dr Amol

(Prof & Head of Department Comp Eng)

Hon.Dr. Leena

(Professor, Ashoka Management College)

Hon. Col. Santosh
Kumar Panda

(Military Entrepreneur, Artillery Centre Nashik)

Winners of 1st AGC

1st Winner

Prathyush Akepati

2nd Winner

Vijay Babu Veramallu

Runner Up

Competition Overview

The competition unfolded across three stages over a span of 15 exhilarating days, showcasing the prowess and dedication of drone enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds. The event was a testament to the growing enthusiasm for drone technology.

Round 1, held on February 10, 2024, commenced with an online MCQ challenge centered around AeroGCS GREEN, setting the stage for  evaluation of participants’ knowledge and skills. Following this round, 93 contestants emerged victorious, demonstrating their proficiency and securing a spot in the subsequent stage.

Round 2, conducted on February 17, 2024, raised the stakes with an online MCQ challenge coupled with a simulator, featuring both AeroGCS GREEN and AeroGCS EnterpriseThis phase tested participants’ adaptability and strategic thinking, allowing the top 21 contenders to move forward.

The last stage of the competition, Round 3, unfolded on February 24, 2024, in the locales of Nashik, Maharashtra. Here, participants were immersed in an on-field challenge, tasked with the calibration and flight of drones using AeroGCS GREEN. Round 3 was divided into two segments: a written challenge that saw 12 individuals excel, followed by a practical round where contestants maneuvered drones within a tight 45-minute window.

At the end of Round 3, champions were crowned. The top performer became the AeroGCS Champion, winning a grand cash prize of INR 1 lakh. The second-place finisher earned the title of AeroGCS Expert, along with a substantial cash award of INR 50,000. Moreover, ten other participants were recognized as AeroGCS Professionals, each receiving a commendable cash prize of INR 25,000.

In essence, the competition not only celebrated innovation and skill but also fostered a vibrant community of drone enthusiasts poised to shape the future of aerial technology.