Significance of Data Verification Tool in Drone Technology

Significance of Data Verification Tool (DVT) in Drone Technology Drones have transformed the way we collect and analyse data across ...

Significance of precision spraying and producing nutritious

Significance of precision spraying and producing nutritious Sustainable food production and food security are vital to the nation’s health and...

Revolutionize Farm Management with AeroGCS GREEN

At PDRL, we’re passionate about empowering agricultural excellence through innovative software solutions. Our commitment extends beyond simply...

AeroGCS Enterprise: Simplified Cloud Management

In India today, drones find applications across a diverse range of sectors, including agriculture, defense and security, land surveying...

Role of Drone Applications in Modern Farming

Agriculture plays a vital role in our lives, providing us with an abundant supply of food and contributing to economic growth...

Unlocking the Skies: Discover the Benefits of Choosing Bharat ka GCS

The drone industry in India has flourished, and India is determined to lead in drone technology. Over the past decade, drones...

Transforming from Traditional to Technology by bringing

It is great to witness the upsurge of Drone Ecosystem. Every industry is keenly practicing the usage of Drones for various purposes

Essential Tips for Drone Pre-Flight Checklist for Safe

Recent technological breakthroughs in drone technology, particularly in the form of tiny drones, have opened up new

Importance of Equal and Uniform Spraying for better yield

Spraying is one of the most critical activities in modern agriculture. It helps to control pests, diseases,

AeroGCS GREEN - Improving Lives!

Agricultural transformation is a crucial aspect for every developing nation. Primarily because almost every country aspires to

AeroGCS Editions, Features and Potential

Today, the drone industry is one of the India’s most thriving industries. India has already decided to emerge as a leader in drone technology. 

Drone Technology to simplify traditional agriculture methods

Agriculture makes way for pastures and cropland to cover over half of the planet’s territory and habitat for diverse fauna.

Significance of Photogrammetry Solutions in Drones

Photogrammetry is a powerful tool that allows us to gain a detailed understanding of the world around us using nothing more

Innovation and Technology In Agriculture

The world needs to increase food production by almost 50 percent by 2050 to feed a population of nine billion, yet resources

Why choose Indian GCS for Drones?

“Make in India” is an initiative of the Government of India. It was launched by the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi Ji on

Drone Usage in different Sectors

Commercial drones are being used across various industries to help companies save money, improve safety and enhance the

Why Choose AeroGCS KEA ?

AeroGCS KEA is smart and empowering mission planner. It is technically strong with unparallel features. AeroGCS KEA has

Indian Drone Revolution: Navigating History,

In the ever-evolving tapestry of technological advancement, drones have emerged as a game-changer across various sectors worldwide.Among the countries making their mark in this revolution is India, a nation steeped in history and cultural diversity.

Feature in Drone Management Software

Why UAV Performance Analysis

When we talk about Analysis, we come crosses with major figures and graphs. Well, That’s for a fact. Performance Analysis is a process of studying the operations performed,

Drones are the Absolute Tomorrow

Drones and Drone Industry was assumed as a hype with oversized forecasts, which is now been seen coming to reality. The far vision of drones is going to be the future is now taking up the industries.

Live Situation Awareness Feature in Drone Management Software

Why Live Situation Awareness

Drones are the way of modernizing trends and technology. A steep turn has been taken by the international as well as national market towards the growing drone industry. 

Do you know the importance of Team Collaboration?

Team Collaboration helps to boost work efficiency. Collaboration in any task is a sign of effective team as it harnesses the best out of two or more individuals working together.

Pay as you Grow Feature in Drone Management Software

Why Pay as you Grow? 

Drones include hefty cost and investments. Features that support and make it feasible for payments, helps businesses to grow 

Do you know the Importance of Business Analytics?

Business analytics is the process of using quantitative methods to derive meaning from data in order to make informed business decisions. 

AeroGCS – Product Update

Simplest and Secured Drone Management Software AeroGCS is drone management and mission planning software supporting various autopilots like

Simplest and Secured! have you heard that before?

We are in the constant exploration of hi-tech software solutions along with enhanced security features. Well, that’s what is the demand.

Why Cloud Integrated GCS is MUST for enterprise drones

Small drones are being used in various application from last one decade. The spread of drone usages increased with DJI as well as open-source autopilot drone technologies.