AeroGCS Enterprise Pricing

AeroGCS Enterprise pricing works as follows. There are primarily three plans for an end user, these plans have been created based on two factors primarily, storage capacity and number of drones those can be utilized in an account. Here in the billing process the customer is referred as a user. 

Typically, under every subscription plan there is a certain number of drones quantity supported and a fair size of storage is made available to the user. The number of drones in each plan is the total number of drones a user can register under their account.

Every AeroGCS Enterprise account can have two factors,
1. Base subscription plan
2. Add-on drones plan

Base plan will offer a fixed capacity of drones whereas Add-on drone plan can add a dynamic capacity for any base plan, beyond the fixed capacity offered by the base plan.

Example, if your base plan offers 10 drones and you wish to add another two drones you need not opt for higher plan which offers 100 drones capacity but also expensive as well, in such case user can add two more drones using Add-drone facility, this will add a new Add-on drones subscription to your account and will run as long as you want without affecting your base subscription , keeping your operational cost in check.

Number of drones – Total number of drones a user can register under his account / add under his account. Adding a drone means registering a drone from AeroGCS after adding a valid and active AeroGCS Enterprise account to AeroGCS. Adding a drone to enterprise account can be drone from respective setting from AeroGCS. Please refer manual for the same.

Storage – Storage available under an account meaning total data storage available for a user in his Enterprise account under any valid subscription. Any files (images, videos, plans, projects) , flight logs, database records will be accounted for storage.

Reducing number of drones – It’s possible to reduce / remove number of drones from account by unregistering a drone under drones’ section.

Free up storage – It’s possible to free up storage by deleting files, flight logs and projects / plans.

Buying Additional Storage – Any user under a valid subscription can buy additional storage by switching their current plan to a higher plan.

Adding more drone capacity (Add – on drones) – It’s possible to add more drone capacity to your account under any plan, this might be needed as each plan has a certain number of drones allowed to be used with. To buy more drone capacity users can visit the subscription page under profile, they can find an option to buy more drone capacity option.

After adding more drone capacity to their account under will be charged with two subscriptions one for regular plan and second the add-on drones’ capacity. If they reduce the drone capacity by removing add-on drones their second subscription will be adjusted or cancelled completely (if add-on drones are zero).

Pricing of add-on drone depends on base plan for a subscription.

Subscription period – Subscription can be opted on any date of month; user will be charged for first month as they opt for it based on selected plan.

For example, if a user subscribes for an Enterprise plan on the 15th of current month, they will be charged for the current month immediately and the subscription will be renewed after a month, 15th of next month.

If user has opted for a yearly plan, their subscription will be renewed after 12 months next year. They will be charged for current year when they opt for it immediately.

Add-on drone charges – User can enhance their drone capacity by adding more drones under their current subscription. When they add any number of drones their add-on drone subscription starts immediately and renews every month similar to base plan. Add-on drones are supported on monthly basis currently.

When add-on drone quantity is modified then either the user is charged for more drones immediately or a credit is added to their account if drone capacity is reduced.

Example, if a user has a base plan which supports 10 drones, if they want to add two more drones to increase the capacity to 12, they can add these additional two drones from subscription page under profile.

If user adds these two drones on 15th of a month their Add-on drone subscription starts on 15th for two drones and renews on 15th of next month.

If a user adds one more drone on 30th of the same month, they will be immediately charged for 15 days on pro-rata basis, since their Add-on drone subscription has started on 15th of a month.

Similarly, if a user reduces the Add-on drone capacity by two drones (they have 3 drones for example ) they will have only one drone under Add-on drone subscription. If their subscription renews on 15th of a month but they reduce the drone on 1st of the same month before renewal then their account will hold a credit of 15days for two drones, this credit amount will depend upon Add-on drone charges per drone under the base subscription plan.

Add-on drone credit adjustment – If a user has some credit under their account due to reducing the Add-on drones (removing drones from Add-on drone subscription) then it will be either adjusted during their next renewal of Add-on drone subscription or will be adjusted during Add-on drone capacity purchase whichever happens earlier.

Please note registering or unregistering a drone under an account will not affect the total subscription cost, its only Add-on drones buying or removing will adjust the cost of Add-on drone subscription.

Also, Add-on drone subscription doesn’t affect base subscription charges.

Using Add-on drones facility – Use Add-on drones facility when you have certain number of drones added to your account (registered) for shorter period, Add-on drones facility gives your flexibility in increasing or decreasing the drone capacity dynamically.


Kindly contact for any further information related to billing.