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Agricultural transformation is a crucial aspect for every developing nation. Primarily because almost every country aspires to reach high-income status, and agricultural development is an important aspect contributing towards the same. The agriculture industry has radically transformed over the past 50 years. Advances in machinery have expanded the scale, speed, and productivity of farm equipment, leading to more efficient cultivation of more land. Seed, irrigation, and fertilizers also have vastly improved, helping farmers increase yields. Now, agriculture is in the early days of yet another revolution, at the heart of which lie data and connectivity. Artificial intelligence, analytics, connected sensors, and other emerging technologies could further increase yields, improve the efficiency of water and other inputs, and build sustainability and resilience across crop cultivation.

Drone technology has gotten most of the recognition in the industry because of its diversity and considered the future for the agrarian community. According to experts, the predicted world population will be 9 billion by 2050. Agricultural consumption is also said to increase simultaneously by nearly 70%. Drone technology, equipped with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and remote sensing features, are rising in demand because of its advantages. The central government has acknowledged the importance of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Agriculture drone empowers the farmer to adapt to specific environments and make mindful choices accordingly. The gained data helps regulate crop health, crop treatment, crop scouting, irrigation, and carry out field soil analysis and crop damage assessments. The drone survey helps boost crop yields and minimize time and expense. Drones’ start-ups in India have used this opportunity to accomplish better technological capacities.

Among many crop cycle activities carried out, application of pesticides, insecticides and herbicides can very tedious and hazardous job. Spraying of pesticides by traditional methods can be very time consuming. In such scenarios precision agriculture software is a vital instrument allowing farmers to track crop production to maximize yields with cost -effective planning. AeroGCS GREEN bringing in a NextGen revolution by saving time and human efforts, optimizing the usage of resources, producing quality and nutritious and improving lives. The stepping stone of AeroGCS GREEN has always been precision agricultural techniques.

AeroGCS GREEN is a Mission Planning and Precision Spraying software that will focus on growing healthier and greener farm fields, by reducing the efforts and risks of manual spraying, to improve lives.’

It offers integrations that help in adapting precision spraying techniques that results in good growth in the field. AeroGCS GREEN helps farmers to map entire fields and lanes to collect data for generating action plans, identify where spraying is needed, specify and control the quantity and pesticides to be sprayed, and at the same time reduce the chances of harm to the crop as well as a sprayer. Thus cost-effective spraying can be achieved within minutes as against the hours required for manual activity.

Let Us Explore the power of GREEN-

AeroGCS GREEN focuses on 4 components i.e Accessibility, Time-saving tools, Efficient spraying and optimal outputs.

  • Accessibility –

Adaptability of hi-tech software on user-friendly devices has always been a challenge. Like many people, farmers also started carrying mobile devices, which allowed them to stay connected to anyone from anywhere. AeroGCS GREEN allows users to access precision spraying software with their mobile devices. As mobile devices are used to operate AeroGCS GREEN, you can plot the field from your mobile device/drone/GPS device to perform multiple Spraying missions. AeroGCS GREEN provides options such as spray rate, spray altitude, flight speed, and fence boundary to carry out more optimal mission. Through access to real-time data, farmers can make better-informed decisions that allow them to use resources more sustainably. With the help of mobile devices such as mobile phones, drone, and remote control you can map the mission on the field which can be stored on the cloud. The mission planning can be performed on the cloud and execution of the mission is established on the actual field. You can create, store, and retrieve detailed reports for business analytics.

  • Time saving tools –

AeroGCS GREEN is a simplified GCS for Agriculture with a simple user-friendly interface that is easy to set up, and is designed to save time and make it easy for all types of users. The software provides simplest tools for Plotting/Mapping and optimization of resources. Number of features in AeroGCS GREEN can help you plan the spraying workflow easily within minutes with easy and simple steps. You can execute a spraying mission using an optimized and well-designed user interface creating a unique experience. It focuses on the execution of spraying tasks of the Drone. One of the interesting features of the software is it allows the users to identify and mark area around multiple obstacles, such as water reservoirs, to avoid them and perform hassle-free spraying mission. Thus, saving amount of time and quantity of pesticides.

  • Efficiency –

Resource management is an integral aspect for efficient spraying. Indentation feature in software will help to avoid spraying in the neighboring field. You can adjust the spraying area which will be indicated by a different color on your user screen. It results in optimizing the usage of resources. Since farm lands are not similar and the same. One might find variations in landfill or crop height. AeroGCS GREEN allows the user to easily control altitude during flight and monitor the spraying flow rate during the autonomous mission. You can also auto calculate required dosage in liters per acre. The amount of consumed and remaining liquid will be continuously displayed on the fly view to control the flight and spraying., thus helping increasing efficiency of spraying process.

  • Optimal outputs

There are many ways in which drone data can help you improve activities on the field, and the different analyses are by far the most important factor. Essentially, you make a drone map of your field and request the according analysis you need. And the goal of these analyses is to “scan” the field and determine the location and the percentage of problem areas. On bases of systemized end results users can take necessary actions and plan their next move accordingly for better crop yields. You can generate filed reports in AeroGCS GREEN as soon as the mission is successfully completed. You can share these reports through various apps installed on your mobile. These reports provide detailed information such as the customer’s name, mission area covered, crop type, flight dates, time, and so on. This feature not only help to estimate the work done but also allows to plan and analyze the financial budget.

‘AeroGCS GREEN give farmers a competitive edge and increased reactivity at a never-before-seen rate. ‘

Drones are revolutionizing the way farmers conduct their day-to-day operations. Drone agriculture software such as AeroGCS GREEN has also distributed agricultural chemicals more streamlined and efficiently, allowing farmers to be more accurate and productive in their spraying efforts. AeroGCS GREEN pre-plans drone missions and allows spraying in an equal and uniform amount only when necessary, resulting in higher produce quality. Optimization with precision spraying tools will enable you to produce healthier and more nutritious from your field as the quantity and rate of spraying of pesticides can be easily controlled. Farm work and task management features help to organize and align tasks anytime and from anywhere, totally remotely. Users can assess vital information and keep track of important equipment performance indicators such as speed, spraying time, and field efficiency. Corporate, multi-farm, and family-owned farms are all well-served by AeroGCS GREEN. Efforts will be made to achieve precise agricultural practices at all times.  As smart agriculture evolves, drones will integrate with AI/ML to create innovative solutions for streamlining the farming and industry.  

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