Simplest and Secured! have you heard that before?

We are in the constant exploration of hi-tech software solutions along with enhanced security features. Well, that’s what is the demand. Along with the hi-tech software, security concerns have raised many eyebrows. 

Drone are used for many purposes, from proficient to particular events. They play a vital role from private to government sectors, drones have an increasing demand. But these drones can also be used for illegal or evil purposes as well, as the recent recent newsflash on airbase using drone has pulled public attention and elevated concerns for individuals as well as entities using drones for moral or business purposes. This not only raises the security concerns of the entities, individuals and businesses but also Nation and its infrastructure as a whole. Drone security is a shield that would not only protect from mishaps but also help it track real time without the interference of third party. As the current scenario asks for the demand of improved security for the drones and the missions performed, Team PDRL has been putting unremitting efforts towards enhancing the security features of Drones as well as keeping it simple for understanding. 

On the other hand, Simple and easy to understand software help in saving time resulting in easy adaptations. This results in having hands on the machine easier and quicker.  

AeroGCS is an easy to operate, effective in analytics, technically updated and highly secured software. Sounds interesting, right? Well, it is. 


AeroGCS is drone management and mission planning software supporting various autopilots like Ardupilot and PX4. AeroGCS is the simplest mission planning software which helps to plan drone flights in few seconds using wizard flow. It has been so simplified that any user can learn it in few hours only. Pilot who are the actual users of drone always want simplest UI to manage it. AeroGCS main capability is its seamless integration with cloud, its unified system. Right from user registration to drone fleet tracking can be done on cloud platform. 

The features of AeroGCS are as follows:

  • PKI Infrastructure– PKI infrastructure helps you manage your certificates to sign your firmware for enhanced security. AeroGCS stack offers secure upgrade of firmware. You can sign your firmware with your own digital certificates. Only signed firmware can be uploaded to your drone to have better security of your drone.
  • Secure Firmware Upgrades– It aids to manage your firmware securely. AeroGCS stack offers PKI infrastructure support for management of your digital certificates and keys. You can manage keys for your drones and upload digital certificate keys to your firmware for its highest level of security from AeroGCS stack.
  • RPA configuration– The RPA configuration enables you to configure various parameters of RPA. It has simplified RPA configuration. Such that it can be used and understood in real time. RPA logs are the logs which are collected in a file during the flight operation. There are various parameters which can be configured in order to tune the RPA machine.
  • Project Management– It helps you perform and manage all your projects professionally. AeroGCS offers wizard flow management for flight planning so that next screen is always available for the pilot to configure. This helps in reducing the time consumed by the pilot for the planning of the flight and mission.
  • Flight Planning– It has simplified flight planning using wizard flow. Wizard simplifies overall operations and any flight planning can be done in less than 2 minutes. Existing flights can be launched in less than 30 seconds. This results in saving time.
  • Flight Modes– Flight modes are controlled through the radio or using commands from AeroGCS. It supports the function of modifying your flights as per your need. Flights can be tailored as per the mission. Flight modes help in personalizing the experience and achieving decided results.
  • Live Tracking– Live tracking of drone fleet from a central command center so that overall utilization of vehicles can be understood and require actions can be taken if needed. Live tracking to understand the overall UAV traffic in airspace. Live tracking against the permitted virtual geo-border is also need of everyone so that we all can secure our airspace. AeroGCS offers this capability with the help of AeroMegh cloud platform. You can track your drone while it is performing the task in ease.
  • Live Streaming– It supports Live Streaming using AeroStream Cloud Platform. Live streaming lets you see the current status and view of the task being performed. It helps you to examine the project assigned to the drone. 
  • Replay of Flight– It enables you to replay your flight using AeroMegh Cloud Platform. Replaying your flights helps you to review your flight for better understanding. It enables you to keep a track even when the mission is accomplished.
  • Historical Analysis– AeroGCS support historical flight data and gives summary information of historical data like total number of flying hours of each drone ID till date. It helps in the performance analysis of your flights. 
  • Multi-Platform– You can run the same on your preferred platform. It gives the advantage of performing the tasks on your chosen platform, it doesn’t bound to stay stuck at one.
  • Personalization– It offers multiple theme options. You can select the themes as per your choices. 
AeroGCS helps to enhance work effectiveness, saves time and vastly Secured,

Did we just mention exactly what you are looking for?