AeroGCS Enterprise: Simplified Cloud Management

In India today, drones find applications across a diverse range of sectors, including agriculture, defense and security, land surveying and mapping, delivery and logistics, mining operations, bridge and infrastructure inspections, city surveying, surveillance, entertainment, film shooting, photography, and videography, among others. The adaptability of drones knows no bounds, as they can be adapted to serve virtually any purpose imaginable.

Each of the above-mentioned activities requires collaboration with various drone manufacturers, service providers, and operators, operating in different locations and environments.

To execute any task or operation effectively, three fundamental steps must be followed: data gathering, data processing, and data analysis or report generation. These steps require ample storage capacity, a skilled workforce equipped with specific skill sets, and software tools for processing data and generating reports.

The data generated by these applications typically consists of text, images, videos, and more. However, storing such vast amounts of data on mobile devices or laptops and transporting them to various locations at all times presents logistical challenges.                    

But performing all these tasks like Data Storage, Data Processing and Analysis on the Cloud is the best bet! Why? Because it has following advantages & features:

  1. Team and Access Management: Of course, each operation or project can be performed in a team of people like Managers, Developers, Customers, End Users, Quality Analysts etc. All need to have access to these projects. All can work in a team collaboratively.
  1. Business Analytics: The business intelligence gives daily insights of flights and understand how much business is generated everyday by overall drone services. This helps drone service providers to manage resources in better ways and improve overall organization’s efficiency to generate more revenue in same cost.
  1. Pay as you Grow: Each business and organization start with the small scale. It works on a large scale as it grows and improve. Organizations can pay as per their size and data consumption rate.
  1. UAV Performance Analytics: Using cloud platform, organizations can monitor all live flights from its own office. They can see where all drones are flying and what is their current flying situation. Not only, current flying but also the past flight logs can be tracked, so that they understand overall performance of their drone.
  1. Live Situation Awareness: As a service provider your business is always spread across different geographic. Your team might be flying drones across various states, countries. You can monitor all live flights from your own office. You can see where all drones are flying and what is their current flying situation.
  1. Secure Upgrades with PKI Infrastructure Support: Cloud management offers secure upgrade of firmware. It permits to sign user’s own firmware with self-digital certificates. Only signed firmware would be uploaded on the drone device for better security. Cloud infrastructure support for management of user’s digital certificates and keys.
  1. Auto Cloud Sync of Projects: Cloud management allows you to sync projects, flight plans and flight logs to cloud. This makes it easier to save the projects and a constant backup so you do not miss on anything. Syncing of projects is done automatically, eliminating manual efforts.
  1. Anytime, Anywhere: Because of cloud storage, you can access your drone data at any time and from anywhere.
At PDRL, we proudly offer AeroGCS Enterprise, a product meticulously designed to encompass all the advantages and features mentioned above. AeroGCS Enterprise is tailored to meet the demands of complex operational requirements, boasting comprehensive cloud integration capabilities that make it exceptionally well-suited for diverse applications.
Figure: AeroGCS Enterprise Dashboard
Figure: AeroGCS Enterprise Dashboard with AeroGCS Green

Equipped with seamless connectivity features such as tracking, streaming, and team management, AeroGCS Enterprise ensures unparalleled support for large-scale drone team operations. With its robust functionality and user-friendly interface, AeroGCS Enterprise is the ideal solution for optimizing efficiency and productivity in drone operations across various industries.

AeroGCS Enterprise offers you but not limited to:

  • Flight Management: Track flights on cloud at one place, sync all your project and backup on secure storage. Utilize the captured images and videos in other AeroMegh services instantly.
Figure: Flight Management in AeroGCS Enterprise [Part-1]
Figure: Flight Management in AeroGCS Enterprise [Part-2]
Figure: Flight Management in AeroGCS Enterprise [Part-3]
  • Project Management: Manage your flight plans at one place seamlessly using projects. Plan from AeroMegh account and sync with AeroGCS.
Figure: Project Management in AeroGCS Enterprise
  • Team Management: Use smart team management and share your flight plans with team members. Read only access to plans ensures safety and security of data. Easily switch between teams and access flight plans swiftly on cloud or AeroGCS.
Figure: Team Management in AeroGCS Enterprise
  • Flight Logs: Get access to most detailed logs on a GCS. Save logs offline or on cloud, get interesting and useful analytics about your team resources. Plan your project efficiently
Figure: Flight Logs in AeroGCS Enterprise

In conclusion, AeroGCS Enterprise stands as a powerful solution that addresses the multifaceted needs of drone operations across diverse sectors. With its extensive cloud integration features and seamless connectivity options, it offers unparalleled support for complex operational requirements. By providing robust functionality and user-friendly interfaces, AeroGCS Enterprise empowers organizations to streamline their drone operations, maximize efficiency, and unlock new possibilities for innovation and growth.

Nikhil Baravkar

Sr. Executive – Training and Certification