Why choose Indian GCS for Drones?

“Make in India” is an initiative of the Government of India. It was launched by the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi Ji on 25th September 2014. In the “Make in India” initiative government has, since its inception, announced several steps to improve the business environment by easing processes to do business in the Nation.

Make in India, according to the supporters is much more than an inspiring slogan. It represents a comprehensive overhaul of processes, policies and implementations. The main purpose of Make in India is to make India a global manufacturing hub, to encourage domestic and multinational companies to manufacture their products in India, creating millions of jobs in the country, attracting foreign investments. With this objective, the initiative focuses on 25 sectors of the economy for job creation and skill enhancement. 

Today, the drone industry is one of the India’s most thriving industries. The use of drones in India has seen a rise over the past few years. Considering the various commercial and non-commercial uses of drones in agriculture, aerial cinematography, mining activities, mapping of national highways, disaster management, survey and mapping, the Indian government aims to accelerate the growth of the Drone Industry. The vision is of making India the Global Drone Hub by 2030. Following the drone rules announced in August 2021, several experts have been optimistic about the fact that over the next five years the Indian Drone Market has the potential to grow to Rupees 500 billion. According to estimates by the Civil Aviation Ministry, The Indian Drone Industry can achieve a turnover of Rupees 120-150 Bn by the year 2026. Over the span of the next three years, the government has targeted to attain an investment of Rupees 5,000 Crore in the drone manufacturing industry. The scope of skill development and employment generation is vast forecasting the vision of Drone Industry. 

Looking at the gigantic and rapidly growing industry, PDRL has come up with an excellent make in India ground control system (GCS) for drones named AeroGCS, Bharat ka GCS. GCS (Ground control system) is a must for every drone to fly. The excellent features the GCS has, the more ultimate the drone mission would be performed. AeroGCS is India’s first available GCS and mainly complies to the DGCI compliance with all security norms of Government of India, ensuring security of the ecosystem. AeroGCS has four editions:

  • AeroGCS Standard is Built to empower Drone Professionals to soar skies with the unique and simplified drone management system. <br/>
  • AeroGCS Enterprise is brought to life for Enterprises to Increase productivity and empower business operations. 
  • AeroGCS KEA OEM is thoughtfully developed for Drone Manufacturers to Scale Faster. AeroGCS, Bharat ka GCS Is a truly Indian GCS to empower your drone missions. 
  • AeroGCS KEA Defence offers complete suite right from drone firmware to GCS Software with highest possible security. 

It’s a contribution of PDRL to make India truly Atma Nirbhar. 

AeroGCS is first Indian GCS, brought to life with the thought of delivering simple yet unique experience to the users. Its UI is kept so simple for the users to understand in the first go itself, with the aim to eliminate the complexities in the app and directly focus on the tasks that matter the most. AeroGCS has enhanced capabilities and features that makes drone missions an absolute experience. 

As India’s Prime Minister Respective Narendra Modi ji announced his dream in the DFI event 2022, “Har Hath me Smart Phone, Har Khet me Drone, Har Ghar me Samridhi” which means, A smart phone for all, a drone for each field and prosperity for each household. PDRL is contributing and working in this direction for the betterment of Nation. PDRL has thought through the potential of drone industry and thus created end-end resources of AeroGCS, right from documents, certification program for drone professionals to tutorial videos for self-skill development. Candidates can self-learn from the resources designed, appear for examination and get certified with AeroGCS after passing the same. This is with concern to the budding and interested candidates so that more people learn and get jobs in the growing drone ecosystem. 

The Standard edition of AeroGCS is available for free, it empowers drone professionals and hobbyist to try their hands on and get a hang of it in the initial usage itself. AeroGCS Standard has thousands of users from the globe. As of now, it ranks on the first page of google organically due to number of users and searches.

We firmly believe India and the globe needs a simple and reliable drone management software and here is AeroGCS, Bharat ka GCS for the World.