Transforming from Traditional to Technology by bringing Precision in Agriculture

It is great to witness the upsurge of Drone Ecosystem. Every industry is keenly practicing the usage of Drones for various purposes, right from conducting site survey to mapping different areas focusing multiple industries like construction, infrastructure, inspection and agriculture. One of the major attentions needed industry is now into the lime light. The introduction of Drones in agriculture is going to make wonders for the farmers by easing down all manual efforts, focusing on areas of improvement and taking timely decisions. Transforming from traditional to technology is one of the significant transitions that is going to help and improve multiple factors. Farm owners, big and small are been benefited from Drones. It is helping them to be faster in the processes, ensuring minimal exposure to agrochemicals, improving water efficiency and achieving more precise data. Drones are proven to be up to 70 times faster for all the necessary output expected. Applying crop protection chemicals than the typical backpack sprayer, reducing not only time consumed in this process but also cost spent on treatments. It is about practicing smart spraying methods in agriculture to improve agriculture as well as the quality of food produced. Drones in agriculture are enabling the farmers to complete work in a certain timeframe by receiving accurate details in regards to ideal climate and environmental conditions. Furthermore, Drone Software and Applications are helping to achieve even better results and maintain timelines by focusing on more targeted outputs.

Agriculture surely has vast potential for farmers as well as budding drone professionals. Transforming from traditional to technology is going to be a major revolutionary change in Agriculture. PDRL has thoughtfully developed an end-to-end Software stack named AeroMegh that helps to transform Drone Data into Actionable Insights. PDRL’s SaaS platform provides services from Flying and capturing drone data, processing drone data and performing analytics on drone data. DroneNaksha is an offering of AeroMegh that delivers excellent Agriculture Solutions. DroneNaksha is designed to provide various photogrammetry solutions. User can upload geo-tagged images to DroneNaksha and easily generate orthomosaic images with utmost ease. DroneNaksha also helps to generate other data types like Digital Surface Model, Digital Elevation Model, Vegetation Index using various photogrammetry algorithms. DroneNaksha offers scalable solutions to process huge amount of workload in parallel processing. It enables to process many images and simultaneously upload to cloud with high-speed GPU farms. DroneNaksha’s unparallel features include, Fast Processing of Data, Delivering higher accuracy, processing heavy workload, AI security, local data compliance and data analytics.

DroneNaksha helps farmers to get a birds-eye-view of their crops so they can detect subtle changes that cannot be readily identified by scouting crops at the ground level. DroneNaksha helps to collect multispectral images through the sensors attached to Drone. The images are stitched to obtain one larger image to monitor and calculate indices such as Vegetation Indices, crop health and more. DroneNaksha enables efficient crop analysis using RGB and infrared images and various algorithms like VARI, NDVI. Agricultural purpose of inspecting plant health, survey and spraying can be effectually performed. Here, NDVI Speaks of different biomass levels in the soil, water stress, nutrient deficiencies, crop health, etc. The information provided by the NDVI is built through field visits and dedicated algorithms. These algorithms help as a guide for providing fertilizer inputs to the crops. The remotely sensed data helps to speed up the process of conducting crop inventories and yield estimates. DroneNaksha is developed with enhanced capabilities that include precisely obtaining data of the specific agriculture land area or multiple areas demanding pesticide spraying and performing spraying only for those specific areas after examining crop health. This ensures precise agriculture practice which is the need of the hour. DroneNaksha with its advanced image processing enables to carry analytics that help to understand the intensity of solar radiation on the crops such that they can be monitored properly. It also enables to monitor specific plants for early identification of pests and diseases. Mapping and imaging are two significant processes that work throughout the crop production cycle. DroneNaksha focused only on the areas that need spraying of pesticide, instead of carrying the procedure for the entire land.

Farming is considered as the biggest job on earth. There are multiple ways and methods applied to ease down the complexity of the agriculture processes. Farmers will have to adapt themselves to revolutionize production practices so they would earn great returns on their investments. The quality of data delivered from DroneNaksha will ensure precise and accurate information to actively take informed decisions. DroneNaksha has simple and unique UI that will enable the user to use and understand in the very beginning. It has excellent features that will make it easier for the user to easily perform desired actions.

Drone Ecosystem is growing its roots in all the industries and PDRL thrives to contribute to this journey of growth by developing software that saves heavy cost and Create More Time to Live.