Live Situation Awareness Feature in Drone Management Software

Why Live Situation Awareness

Drones are the way of modernizing trends and technology. A steep turn has been taken by the international as well as national market towards the growing drone industry. 

Sooner, Airspace is going to be the most used medium for performing business activities in every sector. Drone are the absolute tomorrow. 

Eyesight monitoring of Drone Missions is a risky game, that’s where Live Situation Awareness Drives in. When you operate many drones simultaneously across various geo-boundary areas, it is important as understand where all drones are right now and then plan their utilization accordingly. Since drone is capital intensive, it is an asset. It is important to utilize the asset rightly and get return of investment faster. This requires monitoring and tracking of assets. 

On top of business requirements, it is important to track fleet of your drones from security perspective. Each of your drone must be used for right purpose only which certainly requires tracking. 

Benefits of Live Situation Awareness 

Live Situation Awareness is one of the most basic and most importance feature needed in any Drone Management Software. It enables to give complete situation awareness, in order to monitor the function of the drone and give orders as per the situation. For any service provider that has business spread across different geographic area, the associated team would be flying drones across various cities/states or countries. In cases like these, to manage operations it is needed to know the current situations of the flight from anywhere. 

Drone Management Software makes it easier to monitor flights from your office, etc. All the assigned drones and current flights can be witnessed at the time of flying. 

Drone Management Software, not only lets you see the current flights but also allows to replay past flights. 

Live Situation Awareness is thus an impactful feature that makes it simpler for any service provider to perform the desired task and monitor the same from anywhere as per his convenience. 

The Drone Professional can make changes in the flight as per the Live Situation, in case of sudden unfavorable weather conditions or obstacle in the airspace, Drone Pilot can send landing instructions. Thus Live Situation Awareness of Drone is also beneficial in terms of risk management and obstacle handling.