Why Choose AeroGCS KEA ?

Why Choose AeroGCS KEA

AeroGCS KEA is smart and empowering mission planner. It is technically strong with unparallel features. AeroGCS KEA has three editions namely – Standard, Enterprise and OEM.

AeroGCS KEA Standard is a free GCS (Ground Control Station) available for all. AeroGCS KEA Standard edition has been built to empower drone professionals with simplest drone management systems. The simplicity helps professionals learning drone flying in few hours and getting their professional drone flights with simplicity and ease.

AeroGCS KEA is a thoughtfully designed GCS (Ground Control System) for supporting professionals to set the foundation of growth. Any type of drone service like mapping, survey, monitoring, inspection, spraying or delivery provider can use AeroGCS KEA.

AeroGCS KEA Standard, is a free GCS (Ground Control Station) Software available globally for drone community. It has marked 594 unique downloads since launch (January, 2022), which means on an average 15 unique downloads per day. AeroGCS KEA Standard has been organically listed amongst top 3 software in google search as “GCS Software”.

AeroGCS KEA has gained it credibility within 50 days of its official launch, this indeed marks as a great success for PDRL Team. Adding to it, AeroGCS KEA is trusted by 25+ Drone Manufacturers, globally.

There are number of reasons Why AeroGCS KEA has gained such traction, want to know why?

Empowering Operations Management for Enterprise by enabling to create team of drone pilots, add new pilots by invite, assign flight plans to specific drone pilot, define access type of flight plan to drone pilot, track flight of each drone pilot, monitor and analyze performance of each drone pilot.

Enhancing Security and Compliance Requirements for Enterprise by supporting custom update server for drone manufacturers. Upgrade of firmware using digital certificates of higher security. Supports managing drone inventory for compliance perspective. Supports license management of drone software.

Authorizing Fleet Management Requirements for Enterprise by enabling live tracking from cloud application, controlling of drone over internet of AeroStack. Empowering Live video streaming from drone to cloud and anywhere. Allows access to historical data.

Addressing Historical Data Requirements of Enterprise by showing graphical logs in GCS Software of each performed flight. Provides individual flight logs and also allows to replay each flight from anytime anywhere. Allows exporting reports in CSV file from web platform.

Analyzing Business Performance Through Business Analytics for Enterprise by getting logs of all flights done by each drone. Extracting statistics of all flights. Provides total distance covered by each flight. Total acres of survey done by drones.

Providing Remote Observer and Artificial Intelligence by supporting two GCS systems to one drone. Remote observer to launch payload from his GCS. AI detection of objects.

Easy Learning and Technical Support by providing simple and attractive UI for pilot to learn faster. Delivering Learning content and certification program. Supports wizard flow for operations.

AeroGCS KEA fits for all types of users, its Standard edition is available for individuals and beginners for free. Enterprise edition for enterprise customers with cloud features. OEM edition for drone manufacturers with specific features. Defence Edition for defence establishments with special defence features. AeroGCS KEA supports all areas of GCS (Ground Control Station), this makes it more likely to be reliable and one stop solution for Drone Missions.