AeroGCS Editions, Features and Potential

Today, the drone industry is one of the India’s most thriving industries. India has already decided to emerge as a leader in drone technology. As a matter of fact, this decade has witnessed the widespread usage of Drones in every sphere. There’s not a single industry that drone technology has left untouched. Powerline transmission, mining, railways, roadways, renewable resources, agriculture, disaster management, etc. – the Drones have established their prowess in every sector.

Looking at the gigantic and rapidly growing industry, PDRL has made a remarkable contribution to India’s Make in India initiative by developing the AeroGCS Ground Control System (GCS), a cutting-edge GCS software for UAV drone missions. Every drone requires a ground control system to operate, and AeroGCS is a unique and user-friendly option that offers a range of exceptional features for mission planning, execution, and post-analysis. The success of any drone mission depends on the quality of its ground control system, and AeroGCS delivers on this promise with its outstanding capabilities. As India’s first available GCS, AeroGCS complies with all the DGCI’s regulatory requirements and adheres to the Government of India’s strict security norms, ensuring the safety and security of the entire ecosystem.

AeroGCS is available in five different editions, each designed to provide maximum utility and flexibility for different types of drone missions. With its unparalleled features and robust functionality, AeroGCS is poised to revolutionize the drone industry in India and beyond.

  • AeroGCS Standard is Built to empower Drone Professionals to soar skies with the unique and simplified drone management system.
  • AeroGCS Enterprise is brought to life for Enterprises to Increase productivity and empower business operations. 
  • AeroGCS KEA OEM is thoughtfully developed for Drone Manufacturers to Scale Faster. AeroGCS, Bharat ka GCS Is a truly Indian GCS to empower your drone missions. 
  • AeroGCS KEA Defence offers complete suite right from drone firmware to GCS Software with highest possible security. 
  • AeroGCS GREEN offers simplified solutions for precision agriculture spraying by saving time, human efforts and optimize usage of resources.

What AeroGCS offers?

  • AeroGCS offers Simplicity –

AeroGCS is the easiest Ground Control Station (GCS) software to be operated by pilots. It offers an array of wizard capabilities that help pilots in planning their flight missions swiftly, thus saving them a lot of time. Additionally, AeroGCS is also compatible with High-Definition (HD) video telemetry like Herelink, which allows pilots to stream videos on their AeroGCS display. Another advantage of AeroGCS is that it is available on a per-device per-month basis, eliminating the need for any significant capital investment. Interested individuals can sign up for the service and begin using it without any delay. AeroGCS also offers accessibility on multiple platform version. It is available in desktop version, mobile version. No need to carry heavy laptops on field now. Plan everything using your mobile device.

  • AeroGCS offers Cloud Integration –

AeroGCS has achieved seamless integration with cloud applications. This integration allows users to enjoy a range of features, such as online tracking, automated logbooks of flights, and access to all logs on the cloud anytime, anywhere. This feature is highly advantageous as it helps with local compliance and detailed analysis. Moreover, AeroGCS’s cloud stack has been designed to support drone inventory, including customer management, which allows users to manage their drone models and units manufactured and sold. While capturing images during drone flights, AeroGCS now supports live image stitching and display in fly view grid itself, eliminating the need for waiting for backend processing. Overall, AeroGCS’s cloud integration empowers users to manage their drone operations with greater efficiency and ease, providing real-time insights and data to enhance the overall experience.

Features of AeroGCS 

  • Project Management and Wizard Flow

AeroGCS offers project management so that every flight plan is configured under project. As customer, you want to ensure your flights are properly categorized and tracked for which client, it was flying.

  • Cloud Service Integration

AeroGCS has been seamlessly integrated with cloud. Various cloud-based features are integrated in AeroGCS. Like, the project synchronization service. All project, flight plans, flight plan logs are directly synched with cloud from AeroGCS.

  • Secure Upgrades with PKI infrastructure support

AeroGCS stack offers secure upgrade of firmware. You can sign your firmware with your own digital certificates. Only signed firmware can be uploaded to your drone to have better security of your drone.

  • Historical Flight data

AeroGCS support historical flight data and gives summary information of historical data like total number of flying hours of each drone ID till date. Total projects, total warning and so on. This information with AI gives overall performance report of drone.

  • Live Tracking of Fleet

AeroGCS offers live tracking capability with the help of AeroMegh cloud platform. With a single click in AeroGCS, live tracking of your drone is enabled on AeroMegh cloud platform. All permitted users of AeroMegh platform can see actual flight movement on geo-map. 

Potential of AeroGCS – 

The development of Ground Control System (GCS) software has revolutionized the drone industry, enabling UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) to perform a wide range of applications with greater precision, safety, and efficiency. AeroGCS acts as a critical interface between the drone and the operator, providing real-time data, mission planning, and control capabilities.

The potential of AeroGCS software is immense and can be applied to various sectors, including agriculture, infrastructure, surveying, defence, and surveillance providing greater precision, efficiency and safety. As the drone industry continuous to evolve, AeroGCS will play an increasingly critical role in enabling drone to perform a wider range of applications, improving productivity and quality while reducing costs and risks.

  • Pause Mission anywhere and continue later – Now you can pause any spray mission and continue from where you left last time automatically.
  • Generate Spraying Field Report – AeroGCS GREEN generates a report automatically at the end of spraying which can be shared in one click. 

Drones are transforming the agricultural industry, providing farmers with new ways to manage their daily operations. The utilization of drone agriculture software, such as AeroGCS GREEN, has streamlined the distribution of agricultural chemicals, making the spraying process more efficient and accurate. With AeroGCS GREEN, farmers can pre-plan drone missions and achieve uniform spraying amounts only when necessary, resulting in higher produce quality. The use of precision spraying tools has allowed farmers to optimize their pesticide application, resulting in healthier and more nutritious crops. Additionally, farm work and task management features facilitate task organization and alignment, allowing farmers to manage their operations remotely and from anywhere.

AeroGCS is a GCS that offers multiple editions to perform drone missions efficiently. Each edition is developed thoughtfully and is feature-filled to take drone missions ahead for different application and industries.